Christmas Lunch

The Star of the West Hotel Christmas Lunch is the perfect opportunity for families and friends to spend time with each other on Christmas day. Enjoy our fantastic 3 course meal with a delicious entrée, main course and dessert.

Star of the West Hotel Christmas Lunch

The Star of the West Hotel Christmas Lunch is a yearly celebration that is not to be missed!

We know that Christmas Lunch is a special time for families and believe that it’s best spent in the dining room rather than the kitchen. Every year, our chefs whip up an enticing menu, featuring the best ingredients from our local suppliers. Take the fuss out of having to cook Christmas lunch at home; instead enjoy your Christmas Day meal in a lovely local community atmosphere.

For tourists and travellers, Christmas Lunch at Star of the West Hotel is the perfect way to get a feel for the local community spirit on a festive day. Join us and learn more about the local delights of Port Fairy!

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We also host a New Year’s Eve Dinner to mark the beginning of 2021 with a celebration. Join us for this wonderful dinner with your family!

an elegant meal

Enjoy our elegant 3 course meal with a special entrée, main course and dessert at $110 per person.

A Yearly Tradition

Our chefs and staff treat Christmas Lunch as a celebration with the whole community. We decorate the dining room with fun and cute decorations and get everyone in the mood for Christmas Day. Guests also receive a Christmas cracker each, a crowd favourite (especially amongst our younger guests!).

What better way to celebrate Christmas, than a splendid meal with your family?

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